Global Teacher is a global teaching internship opportunity for young people who seek to develop themselves and their career by engaging with a professional teaching experience.

  • Duration

    9-78 Weeks

  • Organization

    Educational Institutions

  • Get the multi-cultural work experience

    Get the multi-cultural work experience You can gain experience in new cross-cultural settings, equip yourself with new skills and add value to your workplace.

  • Try something new or refine your skills

    Our teaching opportunities are very diverse - whether looking to teach for the first time or you’re already an experienced teacher, you will find an opportunity looking for someone like you!

  • Gain a professional edge

    Our partners are dedicated to providing you with an enriching leadership experience sure to put you ahead of your peers.

Our worldwide impact
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    Young people are teaching now

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    Teachers in the last year

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    Our Support

    Our AIESEC members will make sure to be there every step of the way before leaving for your project and while you are abroad!

    • Affordable cost

    • Internationally recognized certificate from AIESEC

    • Lead an international team

    • Nationally recognized certificate

    • Accommodation and food (Provided and covered in most countries)

    • A local volunteer to support you with application process and outgoing preparation

    • A local volunteer in the host country to help you with project preparation

    • Access to leadership development assessment tools

    • Online and offline support and program guide

    • Support with VISA documents and insurance

    • Outgoing preparation sessions before the program

    AIESEC will always be accompanying you before, during and after the process

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    one of our local volunteers will contact you. You will have access to the platform of opportunities around the world. Keep in mind that you must be between 18 and 30 years old.

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    that suits you the most, and carry out your interview, Once accepted, start packing your bags.

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    learn about cultures and develop leadership with AIESEC.

    Do you need help?

    We answered to all your questions

    How do I get selected to a country to intern abroad? Can I select it by myself for any country?

    You can decide the country depending on the availability of opportunities/projects. However, it’s always better to talk with your AIESEC contact person in Egypt after signing up.

    Am I getting paid?

    Yes. A salary is provided in these opportunities and it varies.

    What is the selection process for the these opportunities?

    You will be contacted by a local AIESEC member who will do an initial screening before you start applying and there exists an interviewing procedure with the host country. You will be assisted throughout these interviewing processes therefore nothing’s there to be worried about.

    Is food and accommodation provided in projects

    Food and accomodation is provided in most of the opportunities, however if not, the subsidy or overall cost is mentioned. It is mentioned in each opportunity.

    Do you provide assistance in Visa and travel

    Yes we do

    Can I apply for an internship without my graduation certificate?

    Yes, you can.

    Am I given a service letter or a certificate?

    Yes, you will be getting the service letter and a certificate after completion of the online survey.

    Who can intern abroad?

    The youth of the age between 18 – 30.

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